Chinese School Class – Week 1

August 10th, 2011 | by scottleduc |

Friday’s Class Agenda

  1. Review MindMaps and Storyboards from yesterday’s class
    • Show them to Mr. Le Duc
  2. Watch excellent example presentations
  3. Work on accounts
    • Finish creating accounts
    • Invite Mr. Le Duc into your group
  4. Record students saying names and write names under pictures on Mr. Le Duc’s computer
  5. Explore Color Theory and Font Choices

Thursday’s Class Agenda

  1. Download Your Picture
  2. Edit Your Photo with or Photoshop
  3. Download, Complete and Email the About Me Form
    • About_Me_Details (Microsoft Word File)
    • Email to Mr. Le Duc at
  4. Begin Building Your Presentation on Paper
    • First Design your MindMap and Then Build Your StoryBoard
    • MindMap Example
    • Storyboard Example

Wednesday’s Class Agenda

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