Week 9 – GTD – Getting Things Done – Part 1

“Day 092/366 – To Do List” by Great Beyond is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 Your toughest work is defining what your work is! –  Peter Drucker SUMMARY Write your weekly summary here, last, at the end of the week… Only one to two sentences of WHAT YOU DID DELETE ALL OF MR. LE DUC’s INSTRUCTIONS, AFTER YOU ARE DONE PRACTICE ROOM (TUTORIALS)Continue reading “Week 9 – GTD – Getting Things Done – Part 1”

Build a Powerful Linkedin Profile – CTE Edition

Presentation Summary You can now help students learn how to build a safe, potent, and persuasive Linkedin profile. We start by writing a captivating profile summary. We learn how to include certifications, Slideshare.net slideshows, WordPress-based student blog portfolio posts in your Linkedin account to better tell your story with lots a great world of workContinue reading “Build a Powerful Linkedin Profile – CTE Edition”

Distance Learning Done Right – It’s About Sessions and ‘Rooms’, Baby!

Presentation Summary Students need community, time management, and consistency. People are patterns. Help students build a creative, collaborative community from a distance. Use a 4-week session cycle with a week each of pre-production, production, post-production, and evaluation and reflection. Set standards. Determine outcomes. Host collaborative session feedback with advisory and peer review. Examine a workingContinue reading “Distance Learning Done Right – It’s About Sessions and ‘Rooms’, Baby!”

Track Project-based Teaming Remotely with Prebuilt Trello Boards

Presentation Summary Imagine pre-built project-based activity workflow templates for students to access that have standards embedded, tasks clearly defined, and accountability built-in! All this can be available and measurable from any classroom (virtual or physical). Build examples in this session. Contribute to the Pre-session and TPEP Survey Take the Presentation / Session TPEP Prioritization AgendaContinue reading “Track Project-based Teaming Remotely with Prebuilt Trello Boards”

Project-based Learning with Scrum and Trello

Presentation Summary Learn the “art of doing twice the work in half the time” with Scrum and Trello. Teaming is all about who, what, and when, accountability, and specifics. Explore practical manageable project-based teaming techniques that can be applied in any classroom (virtual or physical). Contribute to the Pre-session and TPEP Survey Take the PresentationContinue reading “Project-based Learning with Scrum and Trello”