Create a Photo Booklet


Create a cool photo booklet with template.

  1. Get a copy of the PocketMod template from the teacher
  2. Watch the video on the web site for folding directions
  3. Fold your PocketMod
  4. Drag and drop your 12 pictures into iPhoto
    • 6 images demonstrating the rules you are following
    • 6 images demonstrating the rules you are not following
  5. Select all of the images
  6. Click on File and drag down to Print
  7. Select Contact Sheet on the left side
  8. Click on Customize in the bottom right corner
  9. Drag the columns slider to 4
  10. Click the print button
  11. Print to the Xerox 8550 printer
  12. Cut out the images
  13. Create two booklets
    • One with 6 images following the rules
    • One with 6 images not following the rules
  14. Paste one image per page
  15. Write the rule on the page
  16. Write what you were trying to accomplish with the image, related to the rule
  17. Put your name, class period and picture or your business card on the cover
  18. Place in the class box

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