Who’s Keeping Students Safe Online?

We, as a community, need to help students embrace the power of online collaboration and the social aspect of many Internet-based tools while demonstrating the necessary steps in protecting their privacy. This is a team effort. We all need to step up and help our young people understand appropriate use of online technology.

Fewer than 25 percent of educators feel comfortable teaching students how to protect themselves from online predators, cyberbullies and identity thieves, says a new study from the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) and Educational Technology, Policy Research and Outreach (ET PRO). – By Zach Miners January 2009, District Administration Magazine

How do students learn to be safe online? This is a critical issue for all of us to address. How do we want to prepare our children to be safe online? I did an informal survey in my classes a few weeks ago. I asked students if they had any training on Internet safety, either at school or at home. In one class only two out of thirty individuals raised their hands to confirm some discussion about the topic. This was a typical ratio in all of my classes.  Where are these students learning to be safe?

Children ages 10-14 spend more time on the Internet than watching television, but the report, the 2008 National Cyber Ethics, Cyber Safety, Cyber Security (C3) Baseline Study, found that only a handful of states have education curriculum requirements for teaching children how to protect themselves online. – By Zach Miners January 2009, District Administration Magazine

Teachers and parents have to first teach ourselves about safety and then advocate and support it for our young people. I am convinced that if we understand the issues clearly we will better model the behavior for students.

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