Organizing 21st Century Life & Stuff

I have been wrestling with managing all the digital stuff I create at work and home. Where do I save it all? How do I back it up? How do I keep organized between the numerous jobs?

I have been working with Jason Theodor’s LifeFocus Card ideas to organize my day, with David Allen’s Getting Things Done process for organizing my tasks and projects but what about all the digital artifacts I create?  Matt Cornell has a GTD inspired file organization system he uses that looks interesting.  There are many tools online for archiving.  That’s not a problem.  But where do I start to get a handle on all the stuff I create?

I had an epiphany the other day.  What is it I do all day?  What do I do and what do I make?  The answer came in the form of a list, of all things.  I create stuff in the following categories:

  • Art
  • Resources
  • Tools
  • Theories / Philosophies
  • Curriculum / Syllabi
  • Schedules

Knowing what I create and how I spend my time helps me get perspective about the kind stuff I generate and maybe reveal some insight on how to organize it.  Stay tuned.  This is an ongoing experiment to establish a meaningful way to move through my digital life.

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2 thoughts on “Organizing 21st Century Life & Stuff

  1. I’m going to have to watch this, Scott. I have issues there, and project management. (oddly enough) I found I generate a mix of things scattered in too many contexts to effectively manage what I need to do (project wise) with the precedent of my personal life.

    Maybe I can learn something from you and your journey, if not I’ll hopefully get there myself in a couple of years.

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