Sunday Sessions with Scott Le Duc

Scott’s August 7th, 2022 Summer Conference material is posted below.

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Getting To Know Your Students and Students Getting to Know Themselves

Student Personality, Hobbies, and Learning Goals Card

The better we know our students the better they perform in class. Share some simple, effective ways to get to know your students and how they can learn more about themselves. We will cover strategies to learn names, honor cultural diversity, use Myers-Briggs, fun-related personality inventories, student goals setting for the course and tracking relevant data, knowing their ‘why’, and more.


Building and Managing Class Rituals and Structure

Team Planning Form

Humans are habits. Ok, I know we are much more than a bunch of patterns, but well-planned daily rituals or habits help students spend less cognitive and emotional energy on the ‘what’ of the class so they can spend it on the ‘how.’ We will explore strategies that work to help students manage the class and themselves.


Student Self-Management: Problem-solving, and Portfolio Building

Josie’s Film Class Blog

Getting Things Done is David Allen’s process for getting more stuff done and being more in the moment. Most students are not good at managing their time or themselves. They need our help. Learn about David Allen’s process integrated into student planning, workflow, and class structure.


Production Workflow, Project Management, Standards, and Frameworks

Project Tracking Sheet

We build backward in this session. We examine standards, frameworks, units, lessons, and activities looking for a throughline of the ‘what’, ‘why’, and ‘how’ of our day-to-day work. Continuity, measurability, and student tracking and assessment of their own progress is the aim. This is gonna be fun!


Growing an Advisory Committee and Integrating it into the Classroom

Advisory Panel Session Review
Actor James Clark in the Classroom
James Clark Interview and Editing Project

Our advisory members are in our classes regularly. They conduct workshops. They are presenters. They are also present as an advisory panel giving feedback on student work throughout the year. They get to know the students and add an incredible amount of legitimacy and excitement to the day-to-day work. Find out more.


In-Class Leadership, CTSOs, and Competitions

AMES Game Design Competition

Setting up competitions to focus student effort is very rewarding. Scaffolding skills toward a goal really motivate students. Establishing in-class leadership helps guide the class and keep activities focused on what students are most interested in. See some strategies with our own game design, film, animation, and sound/music CTSO based on Our approach is similar to SkillsUSA and other CTSOs.


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