Lessons Plans Template Based on UBD & A.T.O.M.

Title Stage 1 – Desired Results Vision Q – Essential Questions P – Presentation Mission G – Established Goals U – Understandings K – Student will know… S – Students will be able… Stage 2 – Assessment Evidence Evaluation T – Performance Task OE – Other Evidence Vocabulary Stage 3 – Learning Plan Timeline LContinue reading “Lessons Plans Template Based on UBD & A.T.O.M.”

Creating Presentations That Don’t Suck – COVID Edition!

Planing the Workshop Fill in Workshop Ideas on the Dotstorming Brainstorming Board Storytelling Matters! Scott’s presentation guru, Garr Reynolds, stated it best at his site, presentationzen.com: “We are a storytelling animal. We are not a bullet-point-memorizing animal. We are wired to be attracted to story and to learn from them and to spread them.” “The bestContinue reading “Creating Presentations That Don’t Suck – COVID Edition!”