Why do we present the way we do?  Can we present slides better? Smarter?  Nancy Duarte has written an incredible book about the ins and outs of good slide presentation.  A great practical blend of science and art.  Slide:ology: The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations Listen to the Author Slide:ology Presentation by theContinue reading “Slide:ology”

Creating a Business Card

[display_podcast] Business cards are small 2 x 3.5 inch representations of ourselves to the world.  What can you included in  your card to help relay who you are? Watch the video lesson Include your logo Include name Include graduation year Include top three multiple intelligences Include color picked from the color theory exercise Include yourContinue reading “Creating a Business Card”

Creating a Web Page Mockup

[display_podcast] Creating a web site is very exciting.  How do the pro’s do it?  They create a template or mock up of the site’s look and feel first.  They usually do this in a graphic program like Adobe Illustrator.  It is like a story board of your plan for the site.  Once completed, a designerContinue reading “Creating a Web Page Mockup”

Basics of Illustrator

[display_podcast] Creating a web page template can be easy with Adobe Illustrator. Watch the video to see some of the basic elements to get started. If you find yourself either under-inspired, looking for a new challenge or a bit overwhelmed by the program, try a tutorial at They are small, fairly simple tutorials thatContinue reading “Basics of Illustrator”