Getting Things Done

Presentation Summary Students are overwhelmed. Maybe you are too? David Allen’s Getting Things Done or GTD process has helped millions of people be more efficient and less stressed out for over 10 years. Students can use free and accessible tools to help get stuff out of their heads and into their own ‘trusted system’. It’sContinue reading “Getting Things Done”

Perfect Pitch – Change Your World

Wanna change the world?  Or do you just want to change your world? Either way, there is a process that starts with an idea and evolves into action.  How does this happen?  Well, watch this presentation for an example of a prefect pitch, pun intended 🙂  Then, examine The Bold Academy for more details. AmberContinue reading “Perfect Pitch – Change Your World”

You Have to Start Meeting Like This!

We work — therefore we meet. But why do so few of our meetings meet our expectations? Michael Begeman may be the world’s foremost expert on the business world’s most universal ritual. Here’s his short course on running meetings that will work for you. – Read more!