Ubuntu Live Conference Portland

Ubuntu Live in Portland

Useful, accessible, customizable, and freely available, Ubuntu is the most popular Linux variant on the planet. Ubuntu Live is being launched to provide a meeting place for Ubuntu users, contributors, and partners–and the Ubuntu-curious. Learn how Ubuntu can make a critical difference in your business or project and engage with the global open source community at the largest Ubuntu gathering yet.


Mark Shuttleworth

I participated and presented at the Ubuntu Live Conference today. The keynote was delivered by Mark Shuttleworth. In 1994, Mark founded Ubuntu based on the Linux operating system platform. He is also behind the launchpad.net collaborative tool for software developers.

Stephen O’Grady

Stephen O’Grady is Principal Analyst at RedMonk, “the first analyst firm built on open source.” His speech about Ubuntu and tapping into the communities of developers to build cool projects and compete by developing online applications, like Goggle, WordPress, Facebook, etc.

Jeff Waugh

Jeff Waugh is a consultant with Gnome/Waugh Partners. He has worked with Ubuntu since 2004. He is a principle evangelist for Ubuntu and Gnome. He used a Wiimote to run his slideshow.  It was very funny.  He took us on a journey through time to reveal how new ideas have been met with resistance.



I am very excited about the education component of Ubuntu project titled Edubuntu. Open Source software is developed collaboratively and is free to all users. There are tremendous possibilities for schools.