HTML and CSS Basic Tutorial

[display_podcast] Learn how HTML and CSS work together to create a well formatted valid web page.  The W3C created this tutorial to help beginning web designers better grasp the relationship between the tyoes of code. TUTORIAL: CSS tutorial, starting with HTML + CSS Navigate to the tutorial Follow the directions Help each other interpret theContinue reading “HTML and CSS Basic Tutorial”

HTML Basics with W3schools

[display_podcast] Learning how to create a web page can be difficult.  All the HTML and CSS can be challenging.  W3school does a great job of making it easier to understand. Navigate to Take the HMTL tutorial. Take the HTML quiz. Post the results of the quiz to your blog. Title the blog entry “W3SchoolsContinue reading “HTML Basics with W3schools”

CssZenGarden Exercise

[display_podcast] What are your favorite designs at  CssZenGarden is a web site highlighting the capabilities of CSS, Cascading Style Sheets.  The HTML file is the same on each page.  It is the CSS that is unique.  Only the CSS has been changed by the web designer.  It is a beautiful place to visit toContinue reading “CssZenGarden Exercise”