Wuhan China – Day 13 and 14

Recruitment is big at Wuhan University of Technology. Students are heavily recruited by large international companies like Hewlett Packard. Not far from the building I teach in is a recruitment hall. This place is hoppin’. Everyday there is a new company or organization presenting their material. There were numerous American companies presenting over the pastContinue reading “Wuhan China – Day 13 and 14”

Wuhan China – Day 11

Today I gathered surveys from the week. In an attempt to better teach, I have been surveying students for the past few days. It has helped tremendously. Like typical classes anywhere, when I ask for feedback from on class structure, curriculum materials or my teaching style, etc., I get little verbal response. Here it isContinue reading “Wuhan China – Day 11”

Wuhan China – Day 7 and 8

Yesterday it was cold and rainy in Wuhan. Very much like a Northwest winter day. Check out the current weather right now! Today it is not raining but still a bit chilly, at least for Wuhan. It has been in the mid-seventies most of last week. It was a great day to spend indoors withContinue reading “Wuhan China – Day 7 and 8”

Wuhan China – Day 6

The Flying Tigers 飛 虎 隊 Today I came across in interesting event. An America fighter plane shot down in WWII was uncovered last month in Wuhan. A point of interest for me is the fact that the Flying Tiger, an American volunteer group who help defend the Chinese against relentless, unopposed air raids beforeContinue reading “Wuhan China – Day 6”