Know Your Computer Checklist

  1. Identify elements of the desktop and describe properties
  2. Identify the operating system version
  3. Identify the amount of RAM available
  4. Identify/access local hard drive, DVD or CD-ROM drives, and network drives
  5. Identify the amount of space available on any storage device
  6. Start computer and peripheral devices
  7. Restart computer (warm boot) and force quit an application
  8. Select a network printer
  9. Use controls (clock; desktop; monitor, sound and mouse settings)
  10. Find a file on local drives
  11. Make alias or shortcut of an existing file and move to desktop
  12. Get information or determine properties of a file
  13. Create, name and move a new folder
  14. Log on to a network and protection software, if present
  15. Move, copy, rename and delete a file or a folder
  16. Open, close, move, minimize, maximize and resize windows; use scrollbars
  17. Manipulate window views (by icon, list and other attributes)
  18. Identify filename extensions for WP, SS, DB, Web and other documents
  19. Use special menus (Taskbar, Start)
  20. Quit out of applications, logout and shutdown correctly

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