Computer File Organization

What is the best way to organize computer files? This question goes unanswered for most computer users I know.  It’s just something that isn’t addressed.  Every once and a while attempts will be made to move stuff around, but not a lot of thought, planning or structure is either put into the activity or remainsContinue reading “Computer File Organization”

TCI 505: Foundations of Technology in Education

oscheck07Course Description This course is an overview of technology in education, including expanding skills in common classroom applications and developing skills and understanding in the use of learning management systems. Educators will apply technology skills to improve their teaching performance. Learning Goals Upon the successful completion of this course, you will be able to: UseContinue reading “TCI 505: Foundations of Technology in Education”

Know Your Computer Checklist

Identify elements of the desktop and describe properties Identify the operating system version Identify the amount of RAM available Identify/access local hard drive, DVD or CD-ROM drives, and network drives Identify the amount of space available on any storage device Start computer and peripheral devices Restart computer (warm boot) and force quit an application SelectContinue reading “Know Your Computer Checklist”