TCI 505: Foundations of Technology in Education

oscheck07Course Description

This course is an overview of technology in education, including expanding skills in common classroom applications and developing skills and understanding in the use of learning management systems. Educators will apply technology skills to improve their teaching performance.

Learning Goals

Upon the successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Use a multimedia computer system with related peripheral devices;
  2. Apply the use of technology productivity tools, information access and delivery tools, and technology-based resources to an instructional setting;
  3. Analyze copyright laws and regulations as they pertain to an educational setting;
  4. Explain national, state, and local district learning standards and how they align with each other;
  5. Analyze major concepts taught in your subject area and how technology may support the delivery of those concepts;
    • Examine online educational technology resources for examples of technology integration
  6. Apply the use of technology to the teaching and student learning of major concepts and learning objectives reflected in national and state guidelines;
    • Create or modify a non-technology integrated lesson plan with technology integrated
    • Publish the lesson on your blog
      • Either attach a Word Processed document or include the content in a blog entry
  7. Describe the historical development and important trends affecting the evolution of technology and its future role in society.
    • Examine trends in educational technology
      • What is Web 2.0?
      • What have people done and what are people doing?
      • Create a blog entry highlighting your findings
    • Create a philosophy statement justifying your use of technology
    • Create an autobiographical slideshow
    • Publish slideshow at

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