School AUP 2.0

Wiki dedicated to AUP developmentI was looking at David Warlick’s 2 ¢ blog today and came across School AUP 2.0.  It’s a wiki dedicated to creating a discussion and resources for student acceptable use of  online resources.  It’s incredible.  A must see.  Two thumbs way up!  Our school district is grappling with the idea of how to keep kids safe, yet have them publish in the real world.  Students take their work and themsleves more seriously if they have a real audience, it seems.  The balancing act continues, but now the discussion has been elevated thanks to this wiki.  We live in exciting times!

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One thought on “School AUP 2.0

  1. Scott, remind me to put this post on my to do list that doesn’t exist will you?

    Thank you for reminding me of this. I still have unfinished work at Capital. At some point I need to speak to you and Mrs. Elam.

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