Wuhan China – Day 3

The Great Firewall of China!

  • No Facebook!
  • No Twitter!
  • No YouTube! – How am I gonna see videos of monkey’s scratching their butts!

China maintains what is probably the world’s most advanced system for controlling digital communication. Authorities and opponents call it the Great Firewall, and the Chinese take it extremely seriously. At least 72 Chinese citizens—more than in any other country—are currently locked up for things they said online. Firewalls typically block access to certain sites, but the centerpiece of the Chinese system, called Golden Shield, does much more. It’s essentially a national digital surveillance network that monitors China’s estimated 420 million online citizens. This titanic task is facilitated by the fact that all international Internet traffic passes through just a handful of state-run pipelines. – from Wired Magazine Read on . . .

Teaching in China

Today was full-on teaching. Three classes just about back to back. I was a bit tired. I got up at about two in the morning and worked on curriculum until the 10:10 AM class. Teaching was lot of standing and explaining how to work computer programs with a chalkboard and finger pointing one on one. The students are wonderful. They are very collaborative and supportive of each other. Some have programming skills some do not. Interesting for a software engineering class.

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