HTML and CSS Basic Tutorial


Learn how HTML and CSS work together to create a well formatted valid web page.  The W3C created this tutorial to help beginning web designers better grasp the relationship between the tyoes of code.

TUTORIAL: CSS tutorial, starting with HTML + CSS

  1. Navigate to the tutorial
  2. Follow the directions
  3. Help each other interpret the instructions
  4. Save work to your server folder
  5. Due in a couple days
  6. Peruse, take a look at contests being offered to good designers.  Maybe one day you can enter one of the contests?

Creating a Business Card


Business cards are small 2 x 3.5 inch representations of ourselves to the world.  What can you included in  your card to help relay who you are?

Watch the video lesson

  • Include your logo
  • Include name
  • Include graduation year
  • Include top three multiple intelligences
  • Include color picked from the color theory exercise
  • Include your goal for life
  • Include your picture, which I will give you Monday

Creating a Web Page Mockup


Creating a web site is very exciting.  How do the pro’s do it?  They create a template or mock up of the site’s look and feel first.  They usually do this in a graphic program like Adobe Illustrator.  It is like a story board of your plan for the site.  Once completed, a designer shows this to the client for revision and / or approval.

Where to start:

  1. Find a web site to copy, maybe from
  2. Create a folder titled, “portfolio”
  3. Create a folder titled, “media”
  4. Create an Illustrator document titled, “my”
  5. Save your “my” document into the portfolio folder
  6. Place the web address of the site you are copying or emulating, example:
  7. Place the images and text into your “my” document