HTML Basics with W3schools


Learning how to create a web page can be difficult.  All the HTML and CSS can be challenging.  W3school does a great job of making it easier to understand.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Take the HMTL tutorial.
  3. Take the HTML quiz.
  4. Post the results of the quiz to your blog.
  5. Title the blog entry “W3Schools HTML Tutorial and Quiz Results”
  6. Write at least three sentences highlighting what you learned.
  7. Repeat steps 1 – 6 for the XHTML and CSS tutorials and quizzes and post the results to separate blog entries.
  • You should have 3 Blog Entries when you are finished
    • “W3Schools HTML Tutorial and Quiz Results”
    • “W3Schools XHTML Tutorial and Quiz Results”
    • “W3Schools CSS Tutorial and Quiz Results”

Creating a Delicious Account


Having all of your bookmarks in one convenient place sure would be nice.  Well, such a place exists.  It is allows you to create bookmarks from any computer web browser on the Internet.  You can navigate to your bookmarks from home and work.  One other great feature is being able to organize your bookmarks with tagsTags make finding your bookmarks easier.

What is even more amazing is that you can search other people’s bookmarks and find valuable learning communities and rich resources.  Let’s create an account now.

Creating an Edublogs Account


Creating a blog for education is easy with  It is one of the premier blog communities built for educators.  Create a blog in minutes and begin connecting with your students.  An added plus; you are connected with educators around the world.  The community is searchable for educational topics you care about.  The Internet just got a whole lot easier to search for meaningful content!

CssZenGarden Exercise


What are your favorite designs at  CssZenGarden is a web site highlighting the capabilities of CSS, Cascading Style Sheets.  The HTML file is the same on each page.  It is the CSS that is unique.  Only the CSS has been changed by the web designer.  It is a beautiful place to visit to be inspired and gather ideas for web design.

  1. Find three designs that appeal to you.
  2. Write at least two sentences describing why you like these designs.
  3. Create a blog entry titled: My Favorite CssZenGarden Designs.