Creating an Edublogs Account

[display_podcast] Creating a blog for education is easy with  It is one of the premier blog communities built for educators.  Create a blog in minutes and begin connecting with your students.  An added plus; you are connected with educators around the world.  The community is searchable for educational topics you care about.  TheContinue reading “Creating an Edublogs Account”

CssZenGarden Exercise

[display_podcast] What are your favorite designs at  CssZenGarden is a web site highlighting the capabilities of CSS, Cascading Style Sheets.  The HTML file is the same on each page.  It is the CSS that is unique.  Only the CSS has been changed by the web designer.  It is a beautiful place to visit toContinue reading “CssZenGarden Exercise”

Lesley EARTS 6008

Course Overview What do I need to do for this class? 1. Read the pre-reading article before the first weekend and take the pre-class survey Due 1st Saturday morning 2. Participate with class activities Rubric, culminating in the creation of a multimedia portfolio key assignment Created in class Key Rubric 3. Create and deliver aContinue reading “Lesley EARTS 6008”