Wuhan China – Day 15

This poster is on the wall in the stairwell at Wuhan University of Technology. Funny and interesting in the context of climbing stairs. If you are not headed uphill you are probably headed downhill. Ever heard that one? Life is a struggle. Always has been and always will be. Some struggle more than others. WhereContinue reading “Wuhan China – Day 15”

Wuhan China – Day 13 and 14

Recruitment is big at Wuhan University of Technology. Students are heavily recruited by large international companies like Hewlett Packard. Not far from the building I teach in is a recruitment hall. This place is hoppin’. Everyday there is a new company or organization presenting their material. There were numerous American companies presenting over the pastContinue reading “Wuhan China – Day 13 and 14”

Wuhan China – Day 12

Labels. Going through stores and shops is one of favorite cultural adventures. Seeing color schemes, product marketing and labels, especially products from the US that are marketed with Chinese sensibilities. It’s fun to compare. Furthermore, certain products are just fascinating. I found this cool can-pot-pan transform thing. It’s the simplest design that just captivated me.Continue reading “Wuhan China – Day 12”