Wuhan China – Day 11

Today I gathered surveys from the week. In an attempt to better teach, I have been surveying students for the past few days. It has helped tremendously. Like typical classes anywhere, when I ask for feedback from on class structure, curriculum materials or my teaching style, etc., I get little verbal response. Here it isContinue reading “Wuhan China – Day 11”

Washington State Makes Big Bucks in China

Chinese consumers are going crazy for goods from the Evergreen State. http://abcnews.go.com/assets/player/walt2.6/flash/SFP_Walt_2_65.swf In the last decade, Washington state’s exports to China increased over 300 percent. Last year, the state exported nearly $6 billion worth of products to China, second only to California.- ABC News

Wuhan China – Day 10

Three wheeled vehicles are all around China. It’s amazing to see how much one of these contraptions can carry. They seem to be the transportation backbone of both rural and urban areas. I have seen three wheeled bicycles carrying a whole family. I have seem small three wheeled motorcycles carrying a huge mounds of produce,Continue reading “Wuhan China – Day 10”