School AUP 2.0

I was looking at David Warlick’s 2 ¢ blog today and came across School AUP 2.0.  It’s a wiki dedicated to creating a discussion and resources for student acceptable use of  online resources.  It’s incredible.  A must see.  Two thumbs way up!  Our school district is grappling with the idea of how to keep kidsContinue reading “School AUP 2.0”

SETDA Technology Report Released

The State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA) has released its annual National Trends Report, revealing new data on the power of technology to increase student achievement and describing the need to equip American children and teachers with the knowledge and technological proficiency necessary to make America a leader within the competitive—and “increasingly digital”—global economy. TheContinue reading “SETDA Technology Report Released”

ARISE and Manage Your Classroom Technology

Great article addressing technology adoption, management and innovation for education in the March 2009 edition of Tech and Learning Now that digital technology is an integral part of many of our classrooms, we have a new challenge: How can we manage this essential technology? How can we maximize the school district’s financial investment? Most importantly,Continue reading “ARISE and Manage Your Classroom Technology”

Joel Barker Reviews Book Putting Our Differences to Work

Joel Barker, “paradigm man” and famous futurist, reviews Debbe Kennedy’s Book, Putting Our Differences to Work.  One of his famous quotes, “You can and should shape your own future; because if you don’t someone else surely will.”  This book is a must for all educators. Widgets

Building A Good Teacher Web Site

Teacher Web Page Component Suggestions Communicate with Parents Make it More People Want to See It Student Presentations Safety Privacy Wiki Blog Podcasting and Mediacasting Linking Finding and Being Found Paperless Communicate with Staff Moodle Student Web Sites Suggestions Links Video Unit Work Student Work Blog Communicate Collaborate Wiki Greatest Hits of Teacher Sites LinksContinue reading “Building A Good Teacher Web Site”