Karen Mayfield’s Top Ten Resources (+1)

Starfall.com, http://www.starfall.com An incredible, free site dedicated to helping all children learn to read. Interactive stories and print and writing books to go along with them are high quality and engaging. Reading for Meaning, http://reading.tomsnyder.com/readingformeaning/index.cfm An Internet subscription service to improve student reading comprehension skills that targets skills often covered on standardized tests: main idea,Continue reading “Karen Mayfield’s Top Ten Resources (+1)”

Social Networking Technologies in Education

Dallas McPheeters shares his unique and very important perspective on this topic. The struggle within modern society regarding the adoption of new technologies has been framed as a dichotomy between those who oppose its tendency to redefine culture and those who embrace it. However a new paradigm has emerged among the young generation that seesContinue reading “Social Networking Technologies in Education”

SETDA Technology Report Released

The State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA) has released its annual National Trends Report, revealing new data on the power of technology to increase student achievement and describing the need to equip American children and teachers with the knowledge and technological proficiency necessary to make America a leader within the competitive—and “increasingly digital”—global economy. TheContinue reading “SETDA Technology Report Released”

ARISE and Manage Your Classroom Technology

Great article addressing technology adoption, management and innovation for education in the March 2009 edition of Tech and Learning Now that digital technology is an integral part of many of our classrooms, we have a new challenge: How can we manage this essential technology? How can we maximize the school district’s financial investment? Most importantly,Continue reading “ARISE and Manage Your Classroom Technology”