Yong Zhao on Catching Up or Leading the Way

Yong Zhao was the keynote speaker at NCCE 2011 “At a time when globalization and technology are dramatically altering the world we live in, is education reform in the United States headed down the right path? Are schools emphasizing the knowledge and skills that students need in a global society—or are they actually undermining theirContinue reading “Yong Zhao on Catching Up or Leading the Way”

Wuhan China – Day 7 and 8

Yesterday it was cold and rainy in Wuhan. Very much like a Northwest winter day. Check out the current weather right now! Today it is not raining but still a bit chilly, at least for Wuhan. It has been in the mid-seventies most of last week. It was a great day to spend indoors withContinue reading “Wuhan China – Day 7 and 8”

Wuhan China – Day 3

The Great Firewall of China! No Facebook! No Twitter! No YouTube! – How am I gonna see videos of monkey’s scratching their butts! China maintains what is probably the world’s most advanced system for controlling digital communication. Authorities and opponents call it the Great Firewall, and the Chinese take it extremely seriously. At least 72Continue reading “Wuhan China – Day 3”