Mr. Le Duc’s Distance Learning Routine


1. Weekly: Email to Families and Students via Skyward

  • I send out a Skyward email with a link to the daily schedule and I highlight the work for the week.

2. Weekly: Daily/Weekly Schedule Updates

3. Weekly and As Needed: Screencasting Support

4. Weekly: Students Publish to Their Blogs

  • Students publish their work at It’s free and only for academic purposes.
    • Each student has a blog where they publish their work to establish a professional portfolio that can grow with them over the years.
    • We have been doing this for 10 years.  Students were cultured into the process before Covid-19
  • I subscribe to the student blogs with which allows me to track what ad when they publish.
  • Here is a student sample blog:
  • Students and parents sign a Social Media Contract at the beginning of the year,
  • Students collect evidence of learning.
    • They can write, embed images, embed recording via their OSD YouTube account, embed sound from online sound/music learning sites, etc.

5. Daily: Messages to Highlight Exceptional / Inspiration Work

  • I use to send students and families (who signed on) a daily message that clarifies or inspires students with class-related material. I usually highlight student work that is well done, as an example for other students.
    • @chsibfilm
    • @chsgame
    • @chsrock

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