Create a Life – The Game


“When you know your WHY your WHAT becomes more impactful because you’re walking towards or in your PURPOSE.”

– Michael Jr.

Students identify their WHY to give PURPOSE to their WHAT.

Students experience 21st Century skills through basic employment skills as minigames and powerups.

As students successfully complete minigames as jobs, skills will accumulate and help the student build an in-game resume. The student will apply for higher-level jobs through the interview process.  Students can increase the odds of successfully gaining employment of higher-level / salary jobs by participating in powerups that increase the odds of passing the interview. 

The ultimate goal is to build a career resume and create a fulfilling life.

Game Play

Players interact with a game through a resume screen and minigame play. The gameplay is represented though challenges to improve skills, improving skills improves chances of leveling up, overcoming the challenge of building a resume and passing job interviews, the player is trying to build a career and create a fulfilling life.

Flow Chart

Coming soon!

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