Starting a Video Game Design Program

Jim Flatmo and Scott Le Duc started using the Unity game engine and newly minted curriculum from Unity last year. In this roundtable they share their experiences. Game design teachers or anyone interested in starting a game design program are invited to be a part of the conversation. Questions? Fill in the Questions form WebContinue reading “Starting a Video Game Design Program”

Rails for Zombies Ruby and Rails are part of web programming system that is very powerful. Check out this new way to learn to be a web programmer. Well, that is if you’re not dead! Ha, ha, ha . . . Learning Rails for the first time should be fun, and Rails for Zombies allows you toContinue reading “Rails for Zombies”

China Information

China 2005 Photos 3500 pictures I took when I visited China for three weeks with 25 other teachers.  Pacific Lutheran University sponsored this cultural exploration trip.  We toured from Beijing to Xi’an then to Chengdu, floated down the Yangze river for three days and finally ended in Shanghai.  While traveling we met teachers from theseContinue reading “China Information”